We are excited to announce the launch of the Equate Career Hub, Scotland’s first careers website tailored specifically towards women working in STEM.

The Equate Career Hub will work directly with STEM employers looking to attract more female applicants into their organisation and directly advertise these roles to women in Scotland’s STEM community.

With only 25% of Scotland’s STEM sector made up of women, the Equate Career Hub can be used as a platform to increase the number of female applicants applying for STEM roles in Scotland. Currently only 11% of the engineering sector, 18% of the digital technologies industry and 36% of science managers in Scotland are female.

Organisations have been telling us that they want to employ more women but find attracting female applicants difficult. The Equate Career Hub will be established to help overcome this challenge, and has been designed as a place for STEM employers to advertise directly to women in their industries. The CareerHub is marketed solely to women wanting to work in STEM and as such our costs are lower than any other recruitment support site.
We will work with employers to make their job descriptions and recruitment process more inviting for female applicants and help eliminate unconscious bias in language.

The jobs of the future are in STEM, and at Equate Scotland we know recruiting, retaining and promoting women in this sector is not only great for individuals but is also great for the growth of Scotland’s economy. Diversity in thinking and decision making increases productivity, profitability and innovation.  In Scotland’s digital technology sector alone there are over 12,800 job vacancies every year, many of which go unfilled. By widening the recruitment search to include a more diverse group of people, employers immediately widen their talent pool and are more likely to find the skills they need.

We have had huge successes working with STEM employers in the past. Through our CareerWise Placement programme we advertised 30 student placements and received over 500 applications. These organisations engaging with Equate Scotland, are considered an employer of choice for women in STEM, by demonstrating that they are actively creating an inclusive and diverse working environment.

By working with us, we hope to provide STEM employers with a direct link to qualified women, from graduates to senior managers, who may otherwise be missing in their recruitment outreach. We know that the pool of women working in STEM is small, but we can widen this pool of talent by retaining and attracting back qualified women, and highlighting the demand and variety of jobs to encourage women and girls to pursue STEM.

The Equate Career Hub is due to launch at the end of August 2018. If your organisation would like to advertise a job vacancy with the Equate Career Hub please contact Aileen O’Hagan at .

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