Student Champions

Equate Student Champions are ambassadors for Equate Scotland within their college or university, they are recruited by their university or college and are currently studying a STEM subject. All the student champions are supported by Equate Scotland and given skills and training to help them in their role. Student Champions are paid for their work by their university or college.

The role of a student champion involves contributing new ideas and giving feedback for the development of Equate Student Network, engaging students at their university or college in the network, organising women in STEM activities on campus and working with their university or college to influence women into STEM initiatives or projects.

Student Champions have an opportunity to be ambassadors for gender equality in STEM and through Equate’s training and activities gain skills in building partnerships, planning, public speaking, and outreach.

As a Student Champion you will receive:

  • Support for anyone who is interested in being involved in the network or is thinking about applying to be a Student Champion through their institution.
  • A development and planning day to support student champions and staff to learn more about innovative ways to support women students in STEM and make a plan for the year ahead.
  • Student champion development events and webinars Equate will provide training and networking opportunities for Student Champions on areas such as public speaking, leadership, events organisation, and being a role model. We will bring together Student Champions from colleges and universities across Scotland to share good practice and develop regional activities.
  • Workshops and networking events are free for all women students, organised through the academic year in collaboration with Champions and Student Groups.

Get in touch at  if you are a staff member or student interested in the Equate Student Network.


“My three-year journey as an Equate champion, along with my roles as president of Watt Women in STEM and STEM ambassador, has been truly transformative. Equate’s unwavering support, training, and resources have elevated my leadership skills and enabled us to drive impactful events and activities in STEM.

Equate’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in STEM is inspiring, and their partnership has been instrumental in promoting gender equality. Together, we’ve made a meaningful impact on our community.

In a world where gender equality in STEM is essential, Equate stands as a beacon of progress and empowerment. My Equate journey has been a powerful experience, and I’m proud to continue working alongside them, knowing we are making a significant difference in the STEM landscape.”

Jil Sheth

Equate champion and President of the Watt Women in STEM society, Heriot-Watt University 

“Hola,  I’m Belinda.

I am a second-year digital forensics PhD candidate at Edinburgh Napier University. Being a STEM champion has been an impactful opportunity to make a positive impact. I acknowledge that our realities differ; however, I strongly believe we (women) can have it all and do not need to dim or turn off our lights.

My role helps show that STEM subjects are for everybody, providing a representative for females and minorities. I have further improved my public speaking and project management skills, and most importantly, I’m excited to inspire, motivate, and support STEM women who will pass the touch and create a world filled with confident and accomplished individuals, contributing to a more diverse future workplace.”

-Belinda Onyeashie

Equate Champion, Edinburgh Napier University