Our Inclusion Statement

Equate Scotland aims to make a positive difference for women in STEM (science engineering, technology, maths) including the built environment, and actively work to change cultures in organisations and academia. We aim to be inclusive and welcoming to all service users taking into account equality, diversity and inclusion and reflecting any access or safety concerns they might have around their protected characteristics of race, religion, and belief, disability, age, pregnancy, gender reassignment, or sexual orientation. As an inclusive organisation there are additional grounds on which we will not discriminate:


Additional characteristics:

– socio-economic background

– care experience

– caring responsibilities

– family circumstances

– trade union membership

– previous or reservist service in HM Forces


By sharing this information you will help us to ensure that we provide the most appropriate service for you and uphold your rights to safety, dignity, privacy, and respect. That is why we will ask you when you register or attend an event or service if you wish to share anything about any of the protected characteristics outlined above. We will not tolerate the use of discriminatory language or behaviour relating to any of these characteristics, by service users, staff, or training delegates.


Our services and events are open to all women in Scotland who are studying in STEM, working in STEM, returning to STEM, or wanting to enter STEM. We also provide events suitable for Employers in STEM.


Gender is a spectrum, and all identities are important. Equate Scotland understands that trans women in STEM share similar need for the provision of support, networking, and training. Trans women are therefore eligible to use our services. In some cases, non-binary people may also share similar needs for provision and support and so are welcome to access our events if they feel that the events would be useful to them.