Student Training and Workshops

We offer support to women and non-binary students starting their STEM careers. We have a programme of in-person and online events and courses which can help you prepare yourself for entering the STEM workplace. Our workshops provide a space to reflect on not only personal development but how the external environment of a male-dominated STEM sector impacts women and non-binary people’s participation. Speaking to women and non-binary people facing similar challenges in a supportive environment can be reassuring, inspiring, and encouraging.

Our training and workshops are developed with students in mind and the unique challenges they face in both an academic environment and in taking their next steps following graduation. These workshops aim to build your confidence and professional skills, helping you to make the most of your student experience.

We also host Meet-Ups where students have the opportunity to engage with industry professionals and potential employers to find out more about career pathways, hear inspiring stories, and learn more about opportunities including internships and graduate programmes.

We run a series of free workshops throughout the year. Check our events page to see upcoming training and events.