Talent Attraction Support

The Equate CareerHub works closely with STEM employers looking to attract more women applicants to their organisation. To do so, we review the employer’s job descriptions for unconscious bias and gendered language, make recommendations on how to widen the talent pool and advertise these roles to Equate’s community of women in STEM.

We know that the initial stage of the recruitment process is key for organisations to get a diverse range of people through the door. That is why Equate CareerHub focuses in particular on the writing of job descriptions and the targeted promotion of positions to women and underrepresented groups.

We make job adverts more inclusive by:

  • Detecting unintentionally gendered language and suggesting alternative wording.
  • Reviewing the format, content, structure, and tone of the job description.
  • Reviewing images (if any).
  • Providing suggestions to widen the talent pool and recruitment search.

If you would like to learn more please visit https://equatecareerhub.org.uk/.