Universities and Colleges can get involved with the network by recruiting Student Champions to bring women and non-binary STEM students together on campus and creating opportunities to link with women STEM professionals and employers.  

Support from Equate:   

  • Resources and training for staff  
  • Training programme for Student Champions   
  • Free training and networking events open to all women and non-binary STEM students  
  • Connect champions to share good practice and develop regional activities   
  • Guidance and support to develop women and non-binary people in STEM societies  

How to get involved:  

Step 1  

Find out if your college or university already has a Student Champion connected to Equate Scotland   

Step 2   

Get in touch with Equate Scotland for advice on the recruitment process, student engagement, and payment.  

Step 3  

Identify a team or member of staff within your college or university who will manage your Student Champion.   

  • We would recommend that this person understands the experiences of women in STEM and/or the wider equalities agenda.  

Step 4   

Recruit a Student Champion for 2023/24 

  • Ideally, recruitment will be completed in the summer to begin formally in the role from August/September but recruitment outside of these times is still an option and we can be flexible with our support.   

Step 5  

Notify Equate Scotland of this appointment   

  • We will bring together Student Champions and staff members to develop ideas, share good practice, and create regional links.   
  • The Equate Student Network will provide further events for Student Champions during the academic year in addition to online webinars and ad-hoc 1-2-1 advice and guidance.  


Please get in touch for further information and advice: