Stuff that Matters with women in STEM

During this period of social distancing and home working we want to stay connected to our community of women in STEM, as such, we thought the best way to do that would be to speak to incredible women working in STEM

With the help of the Royal Society of Edinburgh we have interviewed a series of women to discuss the things that effect our everyday life and talk about how their work is literally changing the world we live in. Hence the title, The Stuff That Matters.

Join us to hear about the science behind heavy periods, how sharks are part of the global effort to find a vaccination to COVID 19 and how technology is advancing dementia care.

#StuffThatMatters - In conversation with Dr. Jackie Maybin


For our first episode we speak to Dr. Jackie Maybin, Gynaecologist and Researcher at the University of Edinburgh. Jackie studies menstruation (aka periods) with the aim of improving treatments for problematic periods and preventing their occurrence. Jackie and her team have a particular interest in the cause of heavy menstrual bleeding, a condition that has a severe negative impact on the quality of life of many women. In this episode Jackie explains why heavy periods occur and how they can be treated. We spoke about overcoming the stigma of periods that still exists today as well as touching on why research into women’s reproductive health has not always been a research priority. For more info on research into menstruation visit