Experiential Learning Programmes

Equate Scotland partners with industry-leading organisations and training providers to deliver practical and hands-on programmes which provide women with skills-based learning opportunities. These 3–4-day learning courses are designed to equip women and non-binary people with in-demand practical skills within STEM sectors which can be added to their CV. This also provides a networking platform for women and non-binary people to meet and learn alongside other people with similar interests and at similar stages of their careers.

Here are just some of the benefits the experiential learning programmes provide to participants:

  • Build confidence in relation to skills, knowledge and experience
  • A platform for networking with other women and industry representatives
  • Practical experience which can be added to your CV
  • Support your career change or progression
  • Increase your knowledge of industry skills and qualifications
  • Opportunity to ask questions and connect with potential employers as well as learn about career stories and alternative pathways from women professionals
  • Free courses (with expenses paid where applicable) which reduce barriers to participation
  • A mix of online and in-person opportunities to support accessibility and engagement

How to apply:

Dates and details of upcoming experiential learning programmes are listed on our events page when applications are open.

Please sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media for updates on when applications are open.

Equate have partnered to support and deliver the following experiential learning courses:

Women and Non-Binary People in Data Science

Equate Scotland in collaboration with The Data Lab and CodeClan offer a 3.5 day experiential learning event for women and non-binary people interested in discovering more about data and data science. Participation on this course aims to help increase your awareness and understanding of data science by developing and enhancing your knowledge of software, coding, and how you can apply it in real-world situations.

Designed for women and non-binary people at all stages of their careers, including students, career changers, returners and professionals. This course provides an opportunity to reskill or upskill for those with an interest in learning key data science skills. No previous knowledge or experience of data science is required in order to complete the course.


Equate Scotland partners with ConStructEd Scotland, EXP Learn and Concrete Scotland to deliver a 3-day team building programme to design and construct a working wind turbine. Each participant is assigned their own role, you could be a project manager, health and safety officer, or maybe you will be up in the crane adding the blades onto the turbine. This is a hands-on and energetic course which allows you to dive straight into managing your own project, making your own decisions, digging your own trenches, and generating your own power from wind!

The ConStructEd programme is designed for students studying an engineering or built environment course at a Scottish university or college, equipping them with practical and interpersonal skills to add to their CV. No previous on-site experience is required.

Low Carbon Construction Upskilling Programme

Equate Scotland in partnership with the Built Environment Smarter Transformation (BE-ST) offer a 3-day blended immersive and practical learning experience. The aim of the training is to upskill/reskill women and non-binary people in the latest low-carbon construction techniques and for those who are looking to enter or progress their career in the construction or built environment sector. The sessions cover knowledge and training in Retrofit, Passivhaus, Digital Construction, and Modern Methods of Construction, whilst always considering the Fabric First approach.

The course is designed for women and non-binary people with some previous knowledge of construction and/or STEM subjects. It could also be an ideal learning opportunity if you are an interested/aspiring architect, technician, technologist, quantity surveyor, project manager, bricklayer, joiner, stonemason, plumber, plasterer, structural civil, mechanical and electrical serve engineer and so much more.