Closing the Digital Skills Gap with Careerwise

According to a 2017 survey, over 88% of Software Engineers worldwide are male and only 7.6% are female. For 5 years now, CAS has been involved with Careerwise run by Equate Scotland, a paid placement scheme for women studying STEM subjects at Scottish Universities and Colleges.

Every summer we employ a female intern in our Software Development team, working on our leading case management product Workpro – a chance to take part in high quality projects in a commercial environment. This year we have been delighted to have Kelly Taylor from Strathclyde University with us.

Kelly has written about her experience:

“I’m currently studying Computer Science at the University of Strathclyde and after the summer I’ll be entering my 4th and final year. Earlier this year I decided I wanted to take part in an internship over the summer to gain some experience before going into my final year. I applied to CAS on my university’s job portal through CareerWise and not long after I had an interview and was offered the role of Software Developer Intern for 12 weeks over the summer.

My project was to make improvements to a website, working with another software developer. The website is an online Helpdesk used by our Workpro clients to report and view issues, and to interact with us. We were given a specification of what was to be achieved in this project after receiving client and staff feedback, and we have managed to make a lot of improvements to the site.

From university, I brought with me a year of web development experience (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP) and 2 years of Java. I’ve been able to use my web development experience and massively enhance these skills as well as having the opportunity to learn C#. I’ve also had the chance to be involved in meetings regarding the project and get a good understanding of the software development cycle. These are skills that I wouldn’t have got from university and I’m so grateful for that.

Everyone at CAS has been very welcoming and I’ve been made to feel part of the team from day one. As well as being a developer, I’ve also enjoyed learning about the business side and attending team meetings to learn about the different teams and see how everyone’s contribution affects the company.

I also had the chance to learn all about Employee Ownership, a term I’d never heard before. It’s interesting to learn about different business approaches and employee ownership seems to be working great for CAS. Taking part in a hackathon on EO Day was a good opportunity to work with and get to know different people throughout CAS and I really enjoyed the development team all working together on one task.

I’m now 9 weeks into my internship and I can honestly say that this has been a brilliant experience and I’m so glad I have taken part. I have learned a tremendous amount in this time and everyone has been extremely helpful. This experience has given me a lot of confidence for going back to university and made me know for certain that this is what I want to do as a career. CAS seems like a great company to work for and I’m extremely grateful that I was given this opportunity.

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Workpro is case and complaint management software developed by CAS (Computer Application Services Ltd.), used in public sector and commercial organisations throughout the UK and worldwide. Workpro helps organisations to better record, track and report all regulated casework – specialised versions are available for customer complaint handling, Employee Relations HR case management and FOI/DP requests.

EO Day is a national celebration of employee ownership. To learn more about CAS’s employee ownership story and how we celebrated this year: click here.