Careerwise is a highly effective summer internship scheme aimed exclusively at women studying Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) subjects at Scottish Universities and Colleges.

Careerwise needs more employers to get involved and provide paid work placement opportunities between June and August 2018.  Could that be you?

The traditional labour pool is shrinking and competition for STEM skilled labour is fierce.  Attracting and developing young talent is the mark of an ambitious and forward thinking company.  Careerwise works with employers to help solve their STEM skills shortages by providing a conduit to widen their talent pool and attract applications from female under graduate students studying STEM degrees.

Demand for Careerwise placements is high, having received over 400 applications from over 280 women studying STEM in Scotland each year.  Since its launch in 2013, 118 women have completed paid summer internships, 10% of which have resulted in a job offer or an invitation to return for a 2nd summer placement the following year.

Careerwise is low risk and high impact for employers.  Careerwise helps companies build their early career talent pipeline here and now – ultimately creating a stronger future for your organisation.

If you are interested in providing internship opportunities for women studying STEM subjects in summer 2018, contact or call 0131 455 2267 to discuss the next steps.

For more information about Careerwise click here.