Funding to close the gender gap in tech for young women

The Digital Xtra Fund is a new charity which aims to improve digital skills among young people by supporting high-quality extracurricular activities and inspiring them to consider a career in digital tech. The Fund drives innovation and engagement via a large network of independent digital activity providers across Scotland.

There are currently over 91,000 people employed in digital technology roles in Scotland with over half of these roles in non-digital technology sectors, and this is only set to increase. This illustrates the important role digital skills play across all parts of the Scottish economy. However, with only 18% of these roles filled by women and Scotland facing a digital skills gap, it is imperative that we engage and inspire young women from as early an age as possible in digital technology in order to properly develop a strong workforce for the digital future.

Talking about the future of the fund Partnerships and Development Manager Kraig Brown said:

Moving forward, we want to develop a funding round that supports high-quality extracurricular activities specifically for girls and young women which help inspire them to understand and create with technology, not just use it; thereby better preparing them for a digital future as well as encourage them to consider a career in digital tech. We are seeking like-minded businesses and organisations to partner with us in order to create a more impactful funding round.

In partnership with Equate Scotland, Digital Xtra Fund is aiming to create a funding round specifically to support extracurricular digital skills activities for girls and young women which will be backed by businesses and organisations who also see the importance of engaging girls and young women in digital skills from an early age.

Brown added:

Our partners will have direct input into the funding round’s objectives, ensuring the relevancy of proposed projects before they are even developed, as well as opportunity to help evaluate the proposals. This will save our partners time and effort as well as generate more relevant skills engagement being delivered quicker, over a broader geographic area, and with less duplication.

If you are interested in supporting the Fund or would like more information please get in touch with Kraig Brown at or 01506 472 200. You can also check out their website: