Invite for Women in Engineering

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is working with employers to develop new technical apprenticeships in engineering (at SCQF level 8), including in Digital Manufacturing.  A Technical Expert Group has been established with representation from 15 employers from across Scotland as well as social partners, SQA, NMIS, Enginuity and SDS.  The group will meet from December to March to draft an apprenticeship framework.  It will also consult widely on its proposals.  We are looking to speak to women who work in the industry to enhance this consultation.  We are specifically looking for women who have a good technical knowledge of the roles within the industry (i.e. people who are qualified as Engineers themselves and perhaps now manage teams of Engineers).  We would be looking to schedule a 1 hour call between mid-Feb to mid-March.  If you would be willing to participate in this consultation, please contact Alan Inglis at .