Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

Today, 11 February 2021 is the 6th annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

To celebrate today we’ve put together a wee blog of all the free or low-cost services we have available to #WomenInScience in Scotland

Career Clinics

Free one-to-one support with a career advisor offering objective and bespoke guidance.

Access this service here: https://equatescotland.org.uk/women/career-clinics/career-clinics-application-form/ 


Free workshops on a range of topics including Assertiveness, Returning to work, CVs, Applications, Interviews, Leadership, Public Speaking, Media skills, & Getting on boards. 

Find out about upcoming workshops and book your place here: https://equatescotland.org.uk/equate-events-conferences/ 

CV Hub

Free tailored CV support for women in STEM to help prepare for that next career move – whether that be a promotion, returning to work after a career break or taking a completely new direction.

Upload your CV for review here: https://equatecareerhub.org.uk/cv-hub/ 


Listings of STEM vacancies across Scotland including internships, returner opportunities, entry-level, and management positions. 

Currently, there are a large number of jobs available at the University of Strathclyde.

See all job listings here: https://equatecareerhub.org.uk/view-jobs/ 

Experiential learning events

From 3 days building a wind turbine to 3.5 day introduction to Data Science courses our experiential learning events allow women to get hands on experience in the field they are interested in.

Our applications for these programs are currently closed but we have many in the pipeline! 

Read about our most recent Construction event here: https://equatescotland.org.uk/equate-constructed-2020/ 

And our Data Science event here: https://equatescotland.org.uk/women-in-data-science/ 

Coaching for success 

Realise your potential to maximise your performance with 1 to 1 support from qualified coaches. We subsidise the first 5 hours of coaching so you can receive coaching at the greatly reduced rate of £30 per hour.

Find out more & apply: https://equatescotland.org.uk/women/coaching-for-success/ 

Career Enhancement Program

“A fantastic programme allowing me to focus on me, my strengths and my goals”

Designed for women working in STEM in Scotland to progress their careers.

Applications are closed but we will be open again in Spring.

Read more here: https://equatescotland.org.uk/women/career-enhancement-programme/ 

Student Services

The only network for women studying STEM and the built environment at Scotland’s Colleges and Universities. We deliver training, offer resources, and host the Student Festival (which is in just a few weeks!)

Find out more here: https://equatescotland.org.uk/equate-student-festival/ 

Employer Services

We offer employers bespoke training and consultancy to match their needs. Find out more here: https://equatescotland.org.uk/employer/

We also have a selection of free resources available here: https://equatescotland.org.uk/resources/resources-for-employers/ 

Watch, Listen, Read

We have watch-anytime webinars on employment rights and work-life balance available here: https://equatescotland.org.uk/resources/webinars/

For our 4 episode podcast #StuffThatMatters we interviewed a series of women to discuss how their work is changing the world we live in including sharks, periods, and technology in care. https://equatescotland.org.uk/resources/stuffthatmatters/ 

We have a selection of downloadable resources on CVs, public speaking, blogging, and more here: https://equatescotland.org.uk/resources/student-resources/

Keep up to date

If you want to keep up to date with all the events and programmes we are running, then you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn @EquateScotland or you can sign up to our newsletter here: https://equatescotland.org.uk/stay-in-touch/