Angus Primary Science is a new online teaching resource aimed at teachers, primarily based in Angus, providing them with the information and resources that they need to deliver high quality science experiences, building Science Capital and creating aspiration and interest in STEM Careers.

Part of the website features a STEM Careers page where every month they share a different STEM Career highlighting local STEM opportunities for pupils in Angus.  The various STEM Careers help broaden pupils’ understanding of what a STEM Career can look like, helping them think beyond ‘men in white lab coats’.  Furthermore, the STEM Careers also help pupils identify pathways into STEM careers as they learn about how the different STEM professionals ended up where they are.

STEM Careers have proved to be extremely popular across Angus and a valuable tool in building interest in and for STEM.  They are looking for STEM professionals to contribute to their bank of STEM Careers.

If you could help broaden young people’s idea of what STEM is and what fantastic careers are available, they would really appreciate your contribution.  Please send your contribution with a photograph direct to Jonathan Brown, STEM Development Officer, Angus Council,

Your contribution should include, your name, job title, where you work, what your job involves, what you enjoy most about your job, what skills you need to do this job – your career path, why you chose your career and any advice you would give to pupils interested in STEM.

Visit their website to view the STEM Careers contributions.

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