Growing leaders in the Green Skills Sector

4 pots with flower growing from seed to full bloom

“I would be more willing and ready to put myself out there to take on leadership roles because ‘leadership’ has been demystified on this course and I’m more aware of my strengths and inner power.”

In June, we also had the final part of the Career Enhancement Programme – a three-part leadership development course designed to support participants to take the next step in their careers.

The programme supported women participants to further develop their confidence, communication, and leadership skills in a supportive and collaborative environment.

“It made me reflect and really think about my future goals and set realistic targets to meet them. It has given me more confidence, showing that I do have leadership skills.”

For this cohort we focused on the green skills sector as it is a rapidly growing job market with more and more positions becoming available as Scotland transitions to a low-carbon future.

12 women completed the course and every one of them recommended the course to future participants and rated that they were highly satisfied with the content and delivery of the programme.

“Do not self-sabotage yourself as you’ve got what it takes to be a great leader”

When asked in the anonymous feedback survey what they most liked about the course the recurring themes were the opportunity to meet and network with other women in a supportive environment, the excellent facilitation, and the levels of collaboration and discussion.

“The programme has helped me to identify my talents and now it will be my job to use my talents to greater effect. I think by focusing on my areas of strength I can also develop my areas of development.”

When asked what could be improved several participants indicated they would have liked the course to be longer to have the chance to further develop their skills and confidence.

“I am more capable of success than I believed”

The Career Enhancement Programme was facilitated by our partner Marie Kane, of Marie Kane and Associates, and was sponsored by Forestry Land Scotland. We are grateful for their support in delivering such a fantastic course.

We will be running further Career Enhancement Programmes in the future. Keep an eye on our website, social media, and newsletter to hear about opportunities like this.