Careerwise placement student, Emma Carroll,  a fourth year Geology and Physical Geography student at the University of Edinburgh, has spent three months working during the summer to geolocate the place names recorded in the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft Database (1563 to 1736), and find the place of residence of 3,141 accused Scottish witches. The database has already been visited 50,000 times and she has been on STV to talk about her internship. We managed to catch her for a brief interview regarding her placement and experience.


How was your placement with the University of Edinburgh?  The team, the work, the overview you got of that sector?

I really enjoyed my placement with the University of Edinburgh’s Information Service. The team that I worked with were extremely welcoming and offered a lot of guidance in their specialist areas. The support from my office (especially my line-manager) allowed for me excel in my role and achieve far more that I thought was possible in three months.

How your skills and confidence increased as a result of your placement?

My technical skills have greatly improved with having to learn new skills to achieve the main goals of the project. These skills included: ArcGIS Online, OpenRefine, SPARQL, Wikidata and advanced Excel. Not only have I learnt many technical skills but my confidence in public speaking has greatly improved after speaking at the ATL conference and a seminar.

How having this placement will benefit you career and your studies and if it will help you stand out to future employers?

I think that my placement will make me greatly stand out with there being no other internships in my field with the same opportunities. Not only have I learnt many new skills but I now have a final product that I can show for all of my hard work.

If you are interested in finding out more she wrote a weekly blog detailing her placement and the work she did, you can find it here.