Inclusive Value is a brand new online resource for the construction industry to support gender equality and inclusion in the workplace.

Equate Scotland is working in partnership with City of Glasgow College, CSIC and Sir Robert McAlpine to deliver an online tool that will assist employers in the UK construction sector work towards creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

Currently women make up 15% of the UK construction sector and only 2% of manual trade workers despite making up 50% of the population. According to the trade union, GMB, it will take over 200 years to achieve gender equality in the construction sector. If we are to meet complex infrastructure challenges related to climate change, population growth and technological transformation, the sector needs to take steps towards recruiting, training and retaining a diverse workforce, particularly at a time when we are experiencing a growing skills gap, aging workforce and uncertainty around Brexit.

Construction employers tell us time and time again that recruiting and retaining women in the sector is central to addressing the growing skill shortage but they are unsure of what actions to take to address the gender imbalance. The Inclusive Value tool is designed to provide employers and training providers with guidance on what changes they can make to create a more inclusive, diverse and ultimately happier workplace, based upon feedback from their employees.

The tool works by asking an employer representative, such as a senior manager or HR professional, a set of questions relating to Policy and Working Practices, Talent Attraction and Retention, Pay and Reward and Workplace Culture. Once answered by the employer a series of similar questions will be generated for employees to answer. The tool will compare and contrast the answers and provide feedback based upon the information collected.

For example:

Question: Do you have a flexible working policy?

Employer Response: Yes

Employee Response: No

Generated Feedback: Your employees are unaware that you have a flexible working policy. Take measures to ensure all employees know your flexible working policy and understand how to request flexible working.

The Inclusive Value Tool is free to all construction companies and training providers and can be used to identify where equality and diversity efforts should be focused. However, it is important to remember that equality does not come about through a single intervention nor is it the responsibility of one individual to drive forward. To be effective and to see tangible impact, equality, diversity and inclusion must be embedded within an organisations culture.

Take the first steps to embed diversity and inclusion into your workplace culture by joining us for a breakfast on the 28th October at the CISC for the Inclusive Value Launch.