Careerwise is the only internship promotion scheme of its kind in Scotland and the UK.  It is dedicated to increasing the participation of women working in STEM industries and professions.  Launched in 2014 and now in it’s 6th year, Careerwise is hugely impactful and successful for the students and the host companies who participate year on year.

2019 is the year of breaking records for Careerwise:

  • 62 paid internships were advertised between round 1 and round 2
  • 37 different employers engaged and offered paid opportunities
  • 11 new employers came on-board for summer 2019
  • 536 applications were received from 308 individual women
  • 44 internships were filled by women STEM students

This year saw the highest number of internships advertised and filled since Careerwise began.  The increase in participation from employers demonstrates that awareness of the benefits of Careerwise for attracting women with STEM skills and building the talent pipeline is increasing, which is resulting in a greater number of opportunities available.

This year, the students who were the most successful in obtaining an internship were from the following Institutions:

UniversityNo of students obtaining an Internship
University of Edinburgh11
University of Strathclyde9
Edinburgh Napier University7
University of Glasgow5
Heriot-Watt University4
University of Aberdeen4
University of St Andrews3
Robert Gordon University1

This year saw Edinburgh Napier University in the top 3, as their students obtained 7 internships.

Just over half of the internships available were awarded to 3rd year under graduate students.  Students who applied and who were awarded an internship, were in the following year of studies:

Year of StudyNo of applicationsNo obtaining placement

Of the 62 internships advertised, 12 were science based, 32 were engineering based and 18 were technology based.

The top degree disciplines of students who applied were as follows:

Degree CourseNo of women applying with this degree
Mechanical Engineering34
Chemical Engineering28
Civil Engineering22
Biomedical Sciences19
Computing/Computer Science18

New degree subjects that showed in the tables for summer 2019 included Big Data, Cyber Security, and Data Science.

The internship opportunities advertised by Careerwise are vital for providing a career entry point for STEM qualified women who may otherwise might have dropped out of STEM sectors all together after graduation.  Through Careerwise, these amazing and inspiring young women have the opportunity to be supported to gain valuable work experience related to their degrees whilst at the same time enhancing their employability skills.

To date 192 women have completed an internship advertised by Careerwise between 2014 and 2019.  In addition, 60% of the women who completed a placement between 2014 and 2016 are working in a STEM profession after graduation compared to the national average of 30%.  A further 17% of students in that same time period have gone on to study for a higher degree such as masters or PhD.

If you are interested in advertising your placement opportunities for summer 2020, please contact Joanna Glenfield at .