In 2018, Cummins were introduced to Careerwise via the Strathclyde Engineering Academy.  In summer 2018 they hired 3 interns via the Careerwise programme.  Impressed with the 3 students, they hired 5 further interns for summer 2019 – Rosie Mulligan, Abigail Cumming, Jennifer McLeod, Erin Holmes and Christina MacLeod.  The five women joined Cummins in June this year for a 12 week internship.

This is what Campbell Simpson, Graduate Manufacturing Engineer at Cummins Diesel Re-Con had to say when we visited their site in Cumbernauld to see what the women have been working on.

What do Cummins do?

Cummins is one of the largest manufacturers of diesel engines and generators in the world.  Specifically, here at Cumbernauld, we do re-manufacturing, so we take old engines and take them to pieces, assess all the components, identify what is still working, what needs replaced, what needs to be fixed, and then put them back together. We update them and sell them on, saving on waste.

Why does Cummins engage with Equate Scotland’s internship programme Careerwise?

For Cummins it’s really important to have diversity in the workplace.  It is important to make sure all of the people who are available to us are the best candidates whether they are female or male, or whatever background they may be from.  It is important to us to be able to access the best graduates and students possible.  It’s good to link with Equate Scotland to make sure we get all kinds of applicants.

Tell us what your interns are working on at Cummins?

We have 5 students on placement this summer at Cummins, 4 of whom have been allocated to the 4 different areas in the factory and one student who is working across the whole plant, assessing material flow and how the whole factory works.  In my area we have Jen, she is looking at new machinery coming in and looking at how the material flow will work with the new machinery and layout.  She is designing new storage and laydown areas and basically just looking at how the factory works, making things as efficient as possible with the integration of the new machinery.

How has the work the students have been working on impacting Cummins?

We have real projects that the students can work on straight away.  This is helping in specific areas such as continuous improvement and new product implementation as well as many other areas.  The students are really helpful in improving efficiencies and cutting costs.

Elizabeth Collins, a Manufacturing Engineer, has recently finished the graduate scheme. She is line-managing one of the students on placement and has been key in Equate and Cummins partnership. She said:

This is Cummins’ second year working with Equate’s Careerwise placement scheme. This summer we have doubled our intake of Careerwise students due to the level of the applications coming through. We have been so impressed by the applicants and by the women we have taken on to work with us here in Cumbernauld. We understand the value in creating opportunities for women in STEM industries and the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce from an employer’s perspective. Not only do we promote diversity, we look for those best suited to the role and this year that has resulted in us taking on the five students from Careerwise.

These five #womeninSTEM on placement at Cummins will be taking over our Instagram account the week of August 19th. Don’t miss their stories @equatescotland