Careerwise develops industry ready graduates

34 female STEM students from various Scottish Universities completed Careerwise placements in summer 2015.  The 2015 Careerwise Annual Review is now available showcasing the highlights and impacts from the successful 2015 placement round.

Demand for our female only internships remained high in 2015, receiving 826 applications from over 448 individual female STEM students for 39 placements.  These figures are comparable to 2014.

The highest number of placements secured was in the technology sector whilst the highest number of applications received was for science placements.

Currently, demand for Careerwise placements far outweighs the number of placements available.

The top 3 skills reported by employers as lacking among job applicants are technical/practical skills, planning and organisational skills and oral communication skills.  Careerwise develops industry ready graduates as the top 3 skills gained by students on placement are:

  • 92% said their technical skills had improved
  • 88% said their communications skills had improved
  • 73% said their problem solving and self-management skills had improved

Employers recognise the value of offering placements and they also appreciate being able to take advantage of an internship recruitment scheme aimed exclusively at women.  Employers cited the following as their main motivation to engage with Careerwise:

  • Progressing strategic projects
  • Improving diversity in the workplace
  • Pre-assessment for future employment
  • Access to enthusiastic and well prepared students
  • Flexibility

Fourteen companies offered placements including AECOM, Computer Application Services, the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, CH2M, EDF Energy, Edinburgh Napier University, Heriot-Watt University, Kaiam, KP Technology, NovaBiotics, Midlothian Council, Nallatech, The University of Edinburgh and The University of Strathclyde.  These progressive employers recognise that placements/internships play a significant role in the recruitment process and are essential for building the talent pipeline.

Two placement companies (AECOM and Computer Application Services) made graduate job offers to their placement student and a further 4 students were invited back to their placement company for a 2nd summer in 2016 (Kaiam and CH2M).

76 female STEM students have completed Careerwise placements in our first two years, which has resulted in 5 graduate job offers, 2 paid extensions to existing placements and 4 students invited back for a second year with their placement company.

Read the full 2015 Annual Review for more detail on the above highlights.

Companies wishing to participate in Careerwise should email or telephone 0131 455 2267.

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