Tuesday 13 October is Ada Lovelace Day – the international celebration of women in STEM.

This year, we are running a small online campaign called #NextAdaLovelaceDay

The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness about gender equality in STEM and hopefulness that by #NextAdaLovelaceDay we will all have even more to celebrate.

If you are an employer we work with to tackle gender inequality, we would love for you to be part of this campaign to celebrate the work you are doing.

We’ve created some template messages and graphics to schedule or share on your social media channels on Ada Lovelace Day – Tuesday 13 October.

You can download the messages and graphics here: Social Media Messages for Next Ada Lovelace Day.

We will also be sharing a video and other messages that you can share and retweet.

Thank you so much for joining in our celebrations and spreading the word about gender equality in STEM.

As part of our Ada Lovelace Day celebrations, we are hosting an event What I wish I’d known… Advice from inspirational women in tech, with Ada Scot. Find out more and book your place here.