What inspired you to choose engineering at Strathclyde?

When I was at school, I always really enjoyed maths and physics. It was so satisfying to work through a calculation and come out with a number that was not only correct (well…most of the time!) but meaningful to how our world worked. My physics teacher suggested that I look into engineering, and mechanical seemed like the best fit for me. I’ve always had a bit of a ‘business head’ on me, and much prefer to look at the bigger picture of engineering and business, so the addition of finance to my degree fitted my interests perfectly.

Strathclyde was my first choice of universities, and I felt really fortunate to be offered a place. I love how Strathclyde integrates the more practical aspects of engineering alongside the theory. Being able to physically design and build a miniature car is a lot more appealing than working through a tricky derivation! Strathclyde balances both of these aspects really well and I never seem to get bored.

What do you love most about your subject?

I love how exciting engineering can be! My degree is so challenging but so rewarding too. At Strathclyde we cover such a wide range of subjects that it can be a little overwhelming, but in my opinion it’s worth it. I love to learn about the different approaches available to solving a problem and how we are given the opportunity to innovate our own solutions.

Engineering at Strathclyde is a really social subject: we do a lot of group work and I find that I am constantly learning from my peers. I love that this reflects industry and that as an engineer I will constantly be working with and learning from my colleagues. Engineering is constantly evolving and there is always something new and cool to learn about!

What do you hope to do in the future?

I know I want to work in the energy sector, but beyond that…I’m unsure! Last summer I had an amazing summer placement at the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult: I learned so much and it was so exciting to learn more about wind turbines and all the problems that industry faces in constructing and maintaining them.

This summer I am seeing how the other half lives! I will be starting a placement with ExxonMobil in July. I am really looking forward to seeing the energy sector from a completely different perspective before deciding where I think I will most enjoy working.

I am a really excitable person, and so wherever I work I want to be faced with problems that give me that feeling of fun in problem solving every day!

Why is being a Champion for women in STEM important for you?

I have always been passionate about feminism and increasing participation of women in STEM subjects. I think that there has been so much amazing progress over the past few decades and its important to maintain that momentum! As the Strathclyde student champion I have tried to focus on creating fun social events and safe spaces for women and to try and increase understanding as to why it is important to have these spaces.

I don’t think anyone should be held back from pursuing their dream career because of their gender. I hope that by increasing visibility of women in STEM subjects at university this will encourage girls to look beyond the stereotypes!

Advice you would give to other woman in STEM

Currently, STEM is a man’s world, but that will change! Don’t be afraid to be unapologetically yourself, especially with how you physically portray yourself. Don’t feel like you need to alter how you look to look a certain way to be taken seriously. Let your personality and your intelligence shine through, that’s what matters!