Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What information should I provide?

Please review the guidelines that explain who the grant is for, then answer the questions in the application form. If you are successful, we will then ask you for payment details.

Q.   Who sits on the selection panel?

The selection panel will include the Director, a member of the Steering Committee, and a staff member of Equate Scotland.

Q.   What documentation will I need to provide to support my application?

In your application, you should explain how this grant will benefit your career as a Woman in STEM and explain how will support you financially to undertake personal development that may not have otherwise been possible for you.

Q.   When can I apply for the fund?

We have four application rounds in the next year. The dates are as follows:

There will be quarterly application rounds throughout the year. These are:

Application round opensApplication Round Deadline DatesSelection Decision Communicated on or before
21st February 202112pm June 30th 202131st July 2021
30th July 202112pm September 30th 202131st October 2021
1st November 202112pm December 31st 202131st January 2022
1st February 202212pm March 31st 202230th April 2022

Q.   Can I apply for an event that has already taken place?

We cannot accept applications for grants for events that have already taken place. Please see the guidelines for deadline dates.