Career Enhancement Programme

A FREE three-day Career Enhancement Programme designed for women working in engineering fields.

The three-day programme will be held on:

  • Wednesday 22 April
  • Wednesday 20 May
  • Wednesday 17 June

Are you a woman aiming to progress your career or an employer that wants to nurture talent within your organisation? Organised by Equate Scotland, the Career Enhancement Programme is a free three-day course, designed for women working in the engineering sector in Scotland.

It provides in-depth career development one day a month over three months focusing on:

  • identifying achievements and strengths
  • building skills for effective communication
  • unlocking leadership potential

The Career Enhancement Programme 2020 is kindly sponsored and hosted by Scottish Engineering.

What’s in it for you?

The programme provides opportunities that will benefit both employers and employees.

If you’re an employer, the course will…

  • Give your staff access to an in-depth career development programme
  • Help you grow your business and make you more competitive, by developing your workforce and filling skills gaps
  • Demonstrate your commitment to staff-development, making you an employer of choice able to attract and harness the best talent available
  • Improve staff motivation and skills, increase productivity and reduce turnover.

If you’re an employee, the course will…

  • Help you to identify more clearly your strengths and skills, and how to use them for positive outcomes in the workplace
  • Encourage you to clarify short and long-term goals for career progression
  • Improve your communication and self-presentation skills, so you can confidently represent yourself and your company at the most senior of levels
  • Allow you to learn alongside and be supported by a group of like-minded women, as well as meet and network with industry role models.

Quotes from previous participants

“A fantastic programme allowing me to focus on me, my strengths and my goals”

“This was an incredibly valuable experience… it has given me the confidence and focus to make changes for both myself and the organisation.”

“Thank you for this excellent opportunity, free of charge, to invest in my career direction with other inspiring female professionals”

Want to provide this opportunity for women within your company?

Our bespoke ADVANCE programme can be delivered on site and provides a specialised 3 day development opportunity for women, focusing on leadership development, communication and identifying career strengths. The programme is ideal to support the retention and progression of women in STEM.

Get in touch with us to find out more.