Whatever stage of your career you’re at, we can help you get to where you want to be.
We offer support to women throughout their career. We have a programme of events and courses across Scotland which can help you become more positive and confident to make informed career decisions. Our workshops provide a space to reflect on not only internal development, but how the external environment of a male dominated STEM sector impacts women’s participation.

Our series of 1 day courses are tailored to your career stage so whether you’re starting out in your career, returning after a career break or competing for a senior position we’re here to help.

Empowering women

Our recent impact survey of 300 women who had engaged with Equate Scotland showed:

  • 97% of women would recommend Equate Scotland’s career development services.
  • 40% said that Equate Scotland was their only access to career support.
  • 90% of women reported a positive impact on their skills.
  • 21% of women secured a new job.
  • 75% of women reported a positive impact on their employment.
  • 82% felt there was a direct link between their engagement with Equate Scotland and the outcomes they reported.

“Feel really inspired by being surrounded by lots of positive and successful women, showing me I really can achieve what I want in life and have a good work/life balance.”

“The support and encouragement that has been offered has helped me continue my search for employment, which at times has felt lonely and isolated. Being around [Equate] has given me back my confidence and an increased sense of my own value.”