What Our Clients Say About Us

We have worked with small employers, multi-national companies, universities and colleges. We have been delivering high quality training for over a decade and receive excellent feedback on the challenging content and practical solutions we offer. Below is feedback from employers who have worked with us.

“Equate have been invaluable to us over the last 2 years and have been integral in helping us to shape our diversity strategy and in particular, in increasing our Women in Technology numbers. Their credibility and knowledge have been integral to us along with their support in strengthening our network within the D&I community. The training they have delivered for us has been: engaging, relevant and provided us with tangible actions we have been able to take forward and develop. We really can’t recommend them highly enough.”

“Equate Scotland’s expertise and support have been invaluable in helping us take our Gender Action Plan (GAP) forward. Not only have they provided practical recommendations on how we can improve our online and prospectus content but also undertaken a full review of our GAP and assisted us with the areas we were finding the most challenging. Their approach has been extremely collaborative, constructive and professional. Their input has already had a significantly positive impact and is helping us achieve buy in across the organisation.”

“I am really pleased with the impact that the unconscious bias training has had on the local authority roads managers taking part in our ‘Routes to Leadership ‘ management training programme. During the sessions, the managers reflected on their experiences of hidden bias, identifying examples of  ‘in-group’ or ‘confirmation bias’ observed in the workplace.”

“Working with the Equate team since the beginning of the year, we have jointly organised events focusing on understanding unconscious bias and taking positive action to promote and retain diversity in the workplace. These have been targeted to SME engineering companies, and the feedback received has been extremely positive – clearly resonating with those who attended.”

“As part of the CalMac recruitment process for Modern Apprentices’ we were aware of a clear under-representation of women in operational roles. Through the Scottish Union Learning Fund Equate delivered two separate one day sessions with the recruitment team that covered unconscious bias and inclusive recruitment. The training was tailored to the our needs and the detail was directed specifically to the maritime industry and the challenges we face. The content and delivery of the training were very professional and the feedback form the apprentice recruitment team was extremely positive.”

“Our staff found the training in unconscious bias very useful and thought provoking. It made them question both their own bias and the bias that they had encountered from other people. I think the training will be a good foundation tool for raising awareness in our organisation of the importance of inclusivity in all of our lobbying and policy priority workstreams.”