Our training workshops:

  • Getting Started on Gender Equality

    This session is for organisations who are starting to take action on equality and inclusiveness in the workplace. It covers the legislative issues, national strategies and appropriate next steps

  • Skills to Mitigate Bias

    This session develops capacity in understanding prejudice and bias, the consequences it can have on decision making, and crucially, develops strategic steps which can be taken to mitigate bias within processes, systems and workplace culture. The training is built on evidence and goes beyond simplistic awareness raising.

  • Equality and Diversity for Managers

    This session provides managers with necessary skills to support staff through an equality and diversity lens. It provides practical steps as well challenging “one size fits all” attitudes which can embed inequality.

  • Taking Positive Action

    This session provides an overview of the legality behind positive action measures, why they are necessary, good practice examples to implement in the workplace and how to make effective change.

  • Inclusive language and Recruitment

    Using the expertise from our Careerhub, this session reviews how inclusive language in job descriptions, advertising and marketing can attract more diverse applicants, as well as how recruitment processes can be improved to tackle  bias. The session provides practical steps forward.

  • Embedding Culture Change

    This session focuses on how whole organisation culture change can be achieved. We consider how equality and inclusion can be sustained at all levels of an organisation, how it can become part of the every day fabric and create an action plan to take forward. (This is for organisations who have already taken some action on gender equality).

  • Inclusive Mentoring

    The session is for organisations looking to establish a mentoring programme as part of their equality, diversity and inclusion activities. It ensures mentors are gender aware, understand how bias can impact workplace retention and the mentoring process and leave feeling confident in their mentoring role.