Talent Attraction

Recruiting, retaining and promoting women is great business sense. Diversity in thinking and decision making increases productivity, profitability and innovation. We know the jobs of the future are in STEM, yet it is estimated only 25% of women make up Scotland’s STEM industries.  Not only is this a waste of talent and opportunity but it jeopardises Scotland’s chances to be at the forefront of innovation. We need a thriving STEM sector in Scotland to be globally competitive and relevant. To do this we need the sector to be diverse. We help employers at different stages of the talent pipeline. Read more about our offer below.


Equate Careerhub is the first website in Scotland tailored specifically towards women working in science, technology, engineering and the built environment.

Equate Scotland has access to the largest network of women in Scotland’s STEM sector reaching many women working and studying in STEM.

Aiming to address the gender imbalance through inclusive recruitment practices Equate Careerhub works with employers to make their job adverts more inclusive by:

  • Detecting gendered language.
  • Reviewing the format, structure, and tone of the job description.
  • Reviewing images.
  • Providing suggestions to widen the recruitment search and maximise the number of women applying for the position.

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The case for increasing the participation of women in STEM is clear and simple – we have a STEM skills shortage, an ageing workforce and a generational gap.  Women represent an untapped talent pool that employers can target to help plug the skills gap.  For Scotland to be the best that it can be and remain globally competitive, we need to harness all our available talent in STEM fields to ensure future economic success.

Employer’s report that talent with STEM skills is becoming harder to recruit, work placements are therefore essential for building the early career talent pipeline.  By advertising your opportunities with Careerwise you will attract applications from women STEM students with a diverse range of skills and experiences.

In addition, diversity is good for business!  Research makes it increasingly clear that gender diverse companies are more successful and 15% more likely to financially outperform companies that are not.  Companies that are gender diverse understand their customer’s needs and expectations better, they make better decisions, and design better products and services.  Gender diverse companies benefit from greater employee satisfaction, which enables them to attract top talent; A diverse workforce is a source of competitive advantage and a key enabler of growth.


  • Access to a work placement promotion gateway that enables employers to specifically target women STEM students
  • Benefit from an enhanced company profile among women STEM students and their associated learning institutions
  • Be recognised as a progressive employer and become an employer of choice for women in STEM
  • PR opportunities to connect and engage women STEM students at various Equate Scotland student focused events

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