Student Champions

Equate Student Champions are ambassadors for the network within their college or university, they are recruited by their university or college and are currently studying a STEM subject. All the student champions are supported by Equate Scotland and given skills and training to help them in their role.

The role of a student champion involves contributing new ideas and giving feedback for the development of Equate Student Network, engaging students at their university or college in the network, organising women in STEM activities on campus and working with their university or college to influence women into STEM initiatives or projects.

If you are interested in attending an event or getting involved in your local Equate Student Group please contact your Student Champion.

The 2021/22 Equate Student Network Champions are:

Jil Sheth

Heriot-Watt University

I am Jil Sheth, a new Equate Scotland champion. I am also a STEM ambassador and a British council STEM scholar. I am the vice president of Watt-Women Society and am passionate about inspiring more women to take up the STEM field. I am also a School officer at The School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society (EGIS). I am currently pursuing PhD in Urban Studies from The Urban Institute.

Kirsty Mitchell  

Heriot-Watt University  

Hi, my name is Kirsty, and I am in the final year of my masters in Chemical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University. I also work part-time for a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation called Social Good Connect who specialise in employee volunteering. 

I have been involved in the ‘Watt Women in STEM’ society at my university since August 2020, and I have worked my way up to being president of the society of this year. I am passionate about providing a space for women in all STEM areas, but I am a little biased towards engineering! As president I facilitate and organise; panel events, site visits, workshops and outreach for the society members and people across the university to get involved in activities that encourage the participation and retention of women in STEM subjects. 

I am excited to continue the work I am doing with my society as an Equate Student Champion!  

Carrie Mitchelson

Edinburgh Napier University

Hi, I’m Carrie and I’m a second year Cyber security student. Ive always loved working with others, especially to make a meaningful change. Im very excited to help Equate Scotland further its cause by changing the lives of young women in STEM. This will be a great opportunity to make our voices heard in a field where they are so often lost. 

Nailah Qadir

Edinburgh Napier University

Hi – I’m Nailah!

I’m currently a 4th year student studying BSc (Hons) Digital Media and Interaction Design at Edinburgh Napier University. Being a young woman soon be joining the STEM industry, I am very excited and eager to be involved as a Student Champion with EQUATE Scotland. In my 3rd and 4th year at university I have begun to specialise within User Experience/Interface (UX/UI) as part of my degree where I have taken the interaction design route to do so.

After having trouble with career choice during secondary school, I am keen to help create awareness of STEM and the career possibilities available within the different sectors My Honours Project focuses strongly on the gender imbalance within the Technology sector, and I have been designing an App to help assist the career planning process for young women aged 11-15. I hope by working closely with the rest of the team we can provide opportunity to develop a strong network of women studying and working in STEM.


Robyn McLaughlin

Edinburgh Napier University

Hey! My name is
Robyn and I am studying for an MSc in Computing, specialising in UX, and hold a BA Honours degree in Journalism. I decided to combine my creative and analytical skillsets after being introduced to UX/UI design during the third year of my UG. After I began working as a designer for AI led mental health start-up Moment One, I consolidated my transition by applying for the MSc. I am passionate about encouraging women in a similar position to make the fulfilling switch to STEM and bring vital equality within the industry.

Farida Pervin

Hi, I am Farida Pervin.I am studying M.Sc. in Environmental Sustainability from Edinburgh Napier University.

I am from Bangladesh and a society where girls/women don’t receive sufficient opportunities to study STEM subjects. So I consider myself lucky to work as a STEM Champion at Equate Scotland. And I am excited to stand up beside those women encourage them to go beyond the obstacles. Subject and Career choice is always a problematic plan. So my focus is to make it easier for the women around the School, College, and University. Science teaches people to strive for truth, be objective, and accept reality with wonder and admiration.

Eszter Somajai

University of Dundee

As a kid, I have always looked up to women in science – although they appeared to be intimidatingly smart and mysterious creatures. Ten years later, I am delighted to be one of them and I aim to show that in contrary to the popular belief we are an approachable and welcoming bunch – without the mystery!

I’m  in my final year of Forensic Anthropology at the University of Dundee and I’m hapy to say that in addition to my long-held love for bones I have discovered a new passion for public engagement and science communication. I can’t wait to continue my journey as a student champion this year!

Rebecca Mitchell

University of Dundee

My name is Rebecca and I’m a 5th year student studying for my MEng in Civil Engineering at the University of Dundee. I am so excited to be working with EQUATE and my fellow student champions to engage in diverse and interesting discussions while promoting gender equality within our subjects. Choosing to study civil engineering at university meant that I found myself in an environment where the difficulties which prevent so many women from both entering and remaining within the field became apparent.  I have, however, been exceptionally lucky to find myself among three other passionate and driven aspiring female engineers within my course and I hope that within my role I can help the smart, strong women of STEM feel supported and empowered throughout their degree.

Skye Kirwan

University of Dundee

Hi I’m Skye a final year Computing Science student at Dundee. I’m passionate about developing technology for good, encouraging people to pursue computing and bringing women with similar interests and experiences together. This will be my second year as an Equate Champion for Dundee as well as President of the Women in STEM society here. I’m very excited to continue this work and bring about some positive change!   

Jen Southern

University of Dundee

My name is Jen and I am currently a Biomedical Engineering PhD student at The University of Dundee. I am super excited to be joining the EQUATE student network this year!

Engineering is a very male dominated industry, and so working with EQUATE feels very relevant and very close to home for me! I was super lucky to be surrounded by such a supportive network of women in STEM throughout my undergraduate degree and I want to make sure that others can have the same level of support. It is so important to promote equality and provide equal opportunity for women in STEM, and I am thrilled to be able to contribute towards this.