Morning Workshops (students choose one)

Communication and Social Media Expertise

Facilitated by Sarah O’Donnell, Dell

The workshop lead by Sarah O’Donnell, Executive Communications at Dell Technologies, will focus on communication and social media expertise. Social media is imperative to effectively build a strong professional profile which is reflective of your capabilities and experience. The workshop will cover techniques and tips on how to enhance and maintain a personal and professional social media presence across platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Regardless of what stage you are at in your career, social media is a powerful vehicle to grow your professional network, knowledge base and enhance your profile.

Assertiveness in the Workplace

Facilitated by Kirstie Farmer, Equate Scotland

Are you able to voice your real opinions with friends, family and colleagues? Do you find it difficult to say no? Would you like to assert yourself more effectively?

Assertive behaviours can help you express yourself in direct, honest and appropriate ways, respecting both the rights of yourself, and of others. At this workshop you will:

  • Understand the difference between assertive, aggressive and non-assertive behaviours
  • Learn about the 4 step framework for assertive communication
  • Use scenarios to practise assertive responses to different situations

Afternoon Workshops (students choose one)

Public Speaking and Media Training

Facilitated by Talat Yaqoob, Equate Scotland

This session will enable students to feel confident in delivering a speech on women in STEM and related topics to different audiences. Talat will guide students through how to write a speech and give practical tips on how to deliver it confidently as well as deal with difficult questions. Students will practice writing and delivering a short speech as well as consider how they can translate this to other platforms including blogging and radio interviews.

While the session is focused on the topic of women in STEM, these skills are transferable to other situations including giving academic presentations and job interviews.

Recruitment Workshop

Facilitated by Amanda Rooney and Chris Shotton , Diageo

Hosted by two of the recruitment team at Diageo (the leading manufacturer of premium drinks) this session will cover how best to go through the recruitment process. From creating an effective professional profiles and creating effective networks through to interview, this session will cover a wide range of aspects including when and how and when to apply to jobs and how to give your best performance throughout a recruitment process. It will cover an array of areas including how to best prepare for an interview, what to expect from an assessment centre and how to be more confident throughout the whole process.