Equate Scotland are launching The Equate STEMinist Awards, to tackle gender stereotyping and combat misconceptions about women in STEM.  

Only 25% of women make up Scotland’s STEM sector. At Equate Scotland we want to see more women studying, working and leading in these sectors. But you can’t be what you can’t see! The #EquateSTEMinist Awards and campaign aims to challenge persisting stereotypes and celebrate diversity in Scotland’s STEM sector.   

What are we looking for? 

We are looking for women or students in STEM who have inspired others to follow their footsteps– whether it be talking to girls in schools or women in college or university, starting a campaign at their place of study or work to address an issue or creating a group that supports other women in STEM. It can also be because of their accomplishments in their STEM field. We want to hear from people who haven’t been recognised previously for their achievements. 

We are also looking for gender champions in STEM. They advance gender equality through the management of their own organisations and in their work with others by making concrete and measurable commitments to women in the workplace. They are working towards increasing the presence of women in science, technology, engineering, and maths.  

The categories for these awards are: 

  • Women in STEM 
  • Student in STEM 
  • Gender equality champions in STEM 


To nominate someone there is a two-step process.  

  1. Post a picture of that person or organisation preferably in their STEM environment on any social media platform, with a brief description as to why you are nominating them and tag @EquateScotland and their social media handle. (Please make sure that the person you are nominating are happy with you posting a photo of them). 
  1. Fill out this form that gives us the nominees contact information 

The closing date is October 6th. 

These awards are an opportunity to recognise the amazing things women, students and gender equality champions are doing in Scotland. Help us tell their stories, that will inspire other women and girls in STEM, share best practice, showcase outstanding results and recognise the amazing things that people do that make a difference. 

Spread the word and nominate!