We work with employers from across academia, the public sector and the private sector to help them develop their thinking on gender inequality. Whether you are a start-up, an SME or a multi-national organisation, we can support you in recruiting, retaining and progressing women in the STEM sectors. The business and innovation case for gender equality is well versed, however knowing where to start engaging in this area or accessing how far your organisation has come can be difficult, this is where Equate Scotland’s expertise can be of benefit.

The areas of work we assist with are:

  • Facilitation of strategy away days
  • Monitoring and evaluating where you are as an organisation and the impact of your gender equality work
  • Supporting internal research such as focus groups and surveying of staff, to access how they would like you to progress your equality work
  • Working with your leadership teams to generate ideas and come up with fresh thinking on equality and diversity
  • Supporting the implementation of appropriate positive action measures
  • Providing an overview of your equality work to identify gaps and provide strategies which take in a company-wide, action focused view.
  • Setting up women’s networks, gender equality initiatives and women returner programmes

For more information on our consultancy offer and how we can work with your company, please contact