In today’s competitive job market, having a degree isn’t enough and gaining work experience and training related to your degree is so important for your future career success. A summer placement is the chance to apply the significant knowledge and skills you have gained during your studies in the real working environment. Employers are looking for applicants to have that added extra and work experience is a great way to get the added extra, ultimately making you stand out! It’s never too early to apply for a placement and the summer placements we advertise on behalf of employers are open to 1st-4th year under graduate students.

Access to high quality work placements can significantly impact on the career intentions of women undergraduates studying STEM subjects. Placements encourage women to enter STEM careers, develop their skills and build their self-confidence. Placements also provide an opportunity for women to establish new professional and support networks and gain experience of different organisational cultures and working methods.

One of the key aims of Careerwise is to improve women’s employability through the promotion of high quality placements that enable them to develop both the technical and soft skills desired by recruiting employers. The top 3 skills gained by Careerwise placementees are technical, effective communication/self-presentation and self-management/organisational skills. These are the top 3 skills reported by employers as lacking among job applicants


Through Careerwise, students have greater access to STEM industry opportunities, increased awareness of STEM occupations and increased employability skills in preparation for entry to STEM employment.

Careers Support

Careerwise is not just a placement promotion scheme. Careerwise will specifically support women to apply for placements via CV and Interview workshops ensuring students applications stand out to recruiting employers.

Women students who successfully obtain a placement (after an open recruitment process by the employer) will benefit from excellent careers advice to help safe guard their transition from education to a successful STEM career.  Careerwise will invite successful placementees to our pre and post placement workshops.

The pre placement workshop provides students with various tools and techniques to make the most of their placement ensuring that they add value and maximise any training and learning opportunities whilst on placement. The post placement workshop explores the student’s future job search in line with their passions, values and strengths and enables students to capture and translate any new learning to their CV and at future job interviews.

Research shows that high quality placements combined with good careers advice and support, increase the likelihood of women applying successfully for STEM roles and staying in a STEM profession.

How to apply:

  • Each advert will outline what the application process will involve with each individual employer
  • Each advert will contain a link at the bottom of the page – hit apply and you will be directed to the employers website to make your application direct with the employer

Each employer will use their own recruitment and selection process.  This may entail completing an online application, attaching a cover letter and CV, followed by a face to face interview.  Or it may encompass a 4 stage internship applications process with various tests such as situational judgement, numeracy and logical reasoning test, video assessment with competency based questions and if successful an invitation to an assessment centre.

Students who make two or three tailored applications are more successful at obtaining a placement, compared to those students who make numerous generic applications.  It is vital that students tailor their CV and cover letter to the placement and employer they are applying to.  Our CV and Interview workshops will equip students with the skills to make a stand out tailored application.

Download our student resource containing useful information on what you should include in your cover letter and CV.