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How to design an event

If you would like to host an event about our student conference festival but you have never run an event before, have no fear! We have collected our start to […]

What to Watch – Women in STEM

With winter nights creeping in, we thought we would put together our recommendations for the best films, TV shows, and documentaries featuring or about women in STEM. So curl up […]

Equate ConStructEd 2020

‘An amazing experience I’m so glad to have taken part in, the most exhausting but rewarding 3 days. Learned so much in such a short time and made new friends […]

#NextAda LovelaceDay

Today we’re celebrating Ada Lovelace Day by launching our video campaign #NextAdaLovelaceDay! In the 1840s, Ada Lovelace wrote the first ever computer program.  Ada Lovelace Day is an international celebration […]

Join our Ada Lovelace Day campaign

Tuesday 13 October is Ada Lovelace Day – the international celebration of women in STEM. This year, we are running a small online campaign called #NextAdaLovelaceDay The purpose of the […]